10 reasons to convert Facebook Profile to a Page


So, your business has a presence of Facebook and you are connected with many of your clients. So far so good. However, if you are using a Facebook Profile instead of a Page for your business, you might want to think again.

If you’re not sure of the difference, there’s a simple way to check. Do you have ‘likes’ or ‘friends’?

If you have friends, then you are using a Facebook profile for your business. Now, although I hate to sound like your disapproving 5th form teacher (oh alright, I quite like it) there are some really good reasons why you should be using a Page.

1.   Look like you know what you’re doing
A Facebook profile is not the correct way to market your business. In fact, if Facebook realise, they may shut your profile down, losing all your hard work in an instant. Although a profile might do the job, it lets potential clients think you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing. If you are going to do it, do it properly.

2.   Your customers are not your friends and deserve their privacy.
OK, so some of them might be friends, but many won’t. This means they might be reluctant to share their holiday photos with you, or birthday parties. More importantly, once someone is a Facebook friend, they have access to information on all of your other friends. If someone rang asking for your client list, would you give it to them?

However, with a page, people are invited to ‘Like’ you, and keep their information private. Their updates don’t appear in your newsfeed and other fans can’t see your like list.

3.   People can find you more easily.
Facebook Pages are indexed to show up in search engines. This means you have more chance of your clients finding you when searching online.

4.   Tag – you’re it.
Anyone can tag your brand if you have a page. Only friends can tag you if not. Tagging is a great way to get referrals and recommendations so the easier this is for people the better.

5.   Facebook Insights
Why wouldn’t you want excellent information about who is viewing each post and when. As well as pretty charts, this information is a great way of discovering which of your posts are engaging your customers, and when is the best time to share them

6.   Check In
Pages allow your clients to check in with you at your location. In fact, a personal page won’t even tell your clients how to find you!

7.   Facebook Tabs
If you look at a business page, you’ll see boxes containing all sorts of information. This can be a location map, or your Twitter & Pinterest feeds, sign up for email newsletters or special offers.

8.   Offers and events.
Facebook Pages make it much easier to run competitions and events. If you want your clients to engage with you, this is the way to do it.

9.   The Power of Advertising

If you are business on Facebook, you can also pay to advertise your business and promote your posts. Although this has a cost attached, it can be a good way to increase your exposure during particular campaigns or events. The targeting of the ads is really very good so at least you’ll know the right people will see them.

10.   Noone cares about your favourite film
If you look on the ‘about’ section of a profile, it will give information on whether you are married, what films you like, where you went to school. A business page on the other hand, will show your location, a description of your business and opening hours. What do you think your clients would find more useful?

So, here endeth the lesson. However, if you have set things up this way it’s not all doom and gloom. It is possible to convert Facebook profile to a page, without losing your thousands of friends.

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3 Things My Cats Taught Me About Social Media

3 Things My Cats Taught Me About Social Media

I read a great article today by Matt Crawford, on the Three Things My Dog Taught Me About Social Media Marketing.  Have a read, it’s lovely.

I joked with him that, in contrast, my cats had taught me very little.  However, I have taken a long hard look at my feline friends and decided that’s not strictly true.

Whilst Buddy’s lessons are important and worth remembering, I think it’s only fair to add a few caveats from the cats.

1.  People only really care about you if you have something they want

It sounds harsh – but that’s the reality.  You can be as friendly and chatty, or as funny as you like, but in the end, it will only get you and your business so far.  You also have to have the service and the product to back that relationship up.  People want to know what you’re all about, and what you can offer them.  My cats like to hang around with me, but that’s because I know where the food is and how to turn the fire on.

2.  You can come and go as you please

Many people I talk to, particularly business owners, are nervous of social media as they worry they don’t have the time or the commitment.  The great thing about it is that it’s not an all or nothing thing.  You can dip in and out as you please, whether you’re viewing content or creating your own.  Yes, regular updates and conversations are great but you can become easily immersed in your own world.  Every now and again take a break, go off and explore other things.  You can always come back when you’re hungry.

3.  Some people are dog people

And that’s OK.  Just as every client or customer you meet face to face isn’t going to be a good fit for your business, the same goes for social media.  Some people may not enjoy your sense of humour, your company ethos or your voice.  That’s fine.  The worst thing you can be is anodyne  Be honest about who you are and what your business stands for and let others take care of themselves.  For every unfollower or unsubscriber, there will be 10 more signing up in their wake.

So there you have it, the business world brought to you by Daisy and Cocoa (with a juicy bone thrown in Buddy’s direction).

If you would like to know more about what social media can do for your business, or indeed just need someone to keep the fire burning while you’re prowling the neighbourhood, do get in touch.