Mental health awareness week

Everybody’s Talking At Me: Social media and your mental health

Another day another bloody awareness day, penguins, vegans, sugar.  However this one is worth paying attention to (as are all the others,...
How to keep your children safe online

The Kids Are Alright: How to keep your children safe online

Social Media isn’t going away. I still meet people who don’t use Facebook, or have no idea what Instagram is. You don’t need to be a complete master or use it all the time – but you need to have a basic understanding of what they all do. If you’re going to teach your children to look after themselves in the world, then you had better learn what that world is. This is not the Wild West, this is their reality and it should be yours.

Drown out noise on Twitter

3 steps to drown out the noise on Twitter

Do you struggle to keep up with Twitter, or anything more than the last 15 minutes of your timeline?  This is one of the main concerns my clients...