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People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Simon Sinek

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LinkedIn is a social media platform that lots of people are on, but few are using well.  If you’re not winning business through LinkedIn, then you’re doing it wrong!

Your clients are now using social media as a major part of the decision making process and building relationships just as often as in person.

If they’re not, then you’re missing out on the ones who are.

LinkedIn is a powerful way to promote your company, establish your professional authority and build strong relationships.

Social selling has replaced the yellow pages and a phone, and a prospective client will be researching you and your company online.

Don’t let your LinkedIn strategy let you down.

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for sales teams

LinkedIn Training for your sales team will help them to get more leads, appointments and sales

Cold calling is dead – thankfully.  People have grown tired of pushy sales techniques and well-worn patter. In this world of constant connection and conversation, very few decision makers pick up the phone to total strangers.

The art of social selling is one that every successful team needs to master and LinkedIn is the tool for every sales professional to use.

The age old wisdom that people buy from people is still true, but now social media allows you to build intelligent, researched and well informed connections before you ever pick up the phone or send an email.

Ninety percent of top salespeople use social selling tools, compared with 71 percent of overall sales professionals. (Source: The State Of Sales survey, LinkedIn, 2016)

Using Sales Navigator? Even better. LinkedIn’s paid sales packages provide you with valuable tools to precisely target clients, monitor their activity and give valuable commercial intelligence so you can build a rapport. For less than the price of a single annual licence, our training will ensure everyone is squeezing every last drop out of the enhanced features.

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for every team

Your team’s LinkedIn Profiles are your LinkedIn profiles.  How every employee presents themself and uses LinkedIn is a reflection on you and your company.

Armadillo Social’s half day LinkedIn Masterclass will consolidate your company’s priorities and objectives, and ensure your team are building your company’s brand awareness, reputation and growth.

Whatever the skill level of your team, each masterclass will be pitched at exactly the right level for your business.

Not only that, you will learn how to track and measure your team’s performance for maximum results.

Profile Photos not up to scratch? As well a masterclass, we can also arrange a professional photographer who will provide elegant headshots for all your staff, perfectly in keeping with your corporate brand.

Ongoing support The LinkedIn training doesn’t end when we all go home.  Not only will you receive a fully downloadable guide, we all offer ongoing support to answer any questions that may arise as you put your knowledge to good use.

We guarantee you’ll see a benefit and, if not, we’ll offer a full refund.

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WHat our graduates say

Louise’s training on Linked in and Sales Navigator will give you a good overview and insight into all the features and options available for activity, but also a guide to how to get the most out of your time and money invested in Linked In and Sales Nav to deliver the business results you want. Thanks Louise.

Lin Armstrong

Marketing Strategy, INNEO Solutions Ltd

I was really impressed by Louise’s skilful delivery of her course, which combined some of the more technical elements of optimising not only your LinkedIn profile, but also the usefulness of LinkedIn to me as an individual.
Moreover, Louise really ignited the interest of a mixed group in using LinkedIn and actually enjoying it as part of our Social Media portfolios.

Elizabeth Satinet

Account Director, Unipart

It was an excellent introduction to LinkedIn, with intelligent insight and advice about how to use it effectively. The combination of social media training with a professional photo shoot really worked well, and the group dynamic was fun and informal. Now to implement what I’ve learnt!

Anna Ganley

Society of Authors

100% Guarantee

If you book a workshop and don’t see the benefits at the end then we will refund the fee in full