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It’s easy to waste hours on social media watching cat videos and reading ‘12 best DIY fails’, but your digital marketing is a business task and should be taken seriously.

Getting your messaging right is crucial, before you even set foot on Facebook and Twitter. You need to make sure you’re talking to the right people with the right voice and the right content.

We know how to make people sit up and listen.

Whether you’re just starting out, have lost your way or need help to generate new ideas, our Digital Strategy support will create the best plan since Michael Caine got a driving licence.


Do you know what you want your digital marketing to achieve or are you just winging it? Whether you are a start-up, have a new product to launch or simply feel like you need a new direction, our Strategy package is what you need.

The Digital Strategy package provides answers to key questions and builds a framework for your marketing activity over the next 6 months. We’ll work out the best platforms to reach your target audience and the proven methods to reach them.

We’ll ask you to fill out our audit questionnaire before our meeting, so we can come ready with some recommendations and content ideas, and we’ll take a look at your competition.

You’ll leave with a plan of action which is guaranteed to increase followers, awareness and revenue.

You will get:

  • Audit of existing activity & competitors completed before our session
  • Selection of branded content ideas and campaigns
  • Half Day StrategySession
  • Key objectives defined and targets set
  • Content calendar and Action Points for the next six months
  • 1 Hour Follow up meeting to discuss implementation
  • An essential kit of tools and resources
  • Clarity and confidence to move your business forward

Plus access to all of our expertise, knowledge and resources


  • Account set up
  • Branding
  • Copy and content creation

Make yourself heard

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start up package

Any business can have a great idea, the hard bit is turning that great idea into a business.

We’ve stared at enough blank pieces of paper, drunk enough cups of coffee and eaten enough flapjacks to know that it can be lonely, and hard work doing it on your own.

Whether it’s honing your target audience, marketing strategy, campaign ideas, or you don’t quite know where to start, our Ideas session can give you everything you need.  Not only great ideas, but a concrete plan of action for you to implement straight away.

We’ll talk things through, devise a plan of action and then get cracking.  We’ll set up your digital marketing channels and put you in touch with any other experts you need, whether web designers, photographers or designers.

Then the hard work starts.

The Armadillo Social Startup plan includes

  • Initial half day brainstorming meeting, identifying target audiences, marketing strategy and social media content
  • Full marketing launch plan written up with action points to follow
  • Setup of Digital Marketing channels including social media, and email marketing
  • 121 Training sessions to hone your digital skills.
  • Regular access to masterclasses to keep your skills up to date.
  • Monthly mentoring to keep you on track.

What are you waiting for?


Make yourself heard

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full digital strategy package

account set up

graphics and branding

scheduling and reporting plan


For small business owners who need to master their marketing and create a consistent, creative plan.

So many plans fall by the wayside as the day to day running of the business takes hold.  Having a measurable, manageable plan with regular accountability can pay dividends as your business grows.

Having the knowledge and knowhow to create a plan is one thing, but you also need to combine this with the support and accountability to ensure you put it into action.

Our Monthly coaching programme breaks your marketing down into easy to implement chunks, plus give you the support network that will make the difference.

What you’ll get

  • 6 x 3 hour group coaching sessions each covering a different aspect of marketing
  • Work together to build your bespoke marketing plan
  • A wealth of experience and strategies
  • Practical guides and the technical knowledge to put your plans into action
  • Monthly tasks to complete according to you action plan
  • Ongoing support between sessions including a Facebook Community Group and 121 training support
  • An essential digital marketing planner to keep everything in the one place.
Course Outline

Session 1: You and your customers
Determine who you are talking to and why.  Identify your ideal customers and what will make you the perfect fit for them.

Session 2: Great content, Blogs and Newsletters, Video

Session 3 & 4: Social Media Platforms (choose 2 to concentrate on)

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Session 5: Putting it all together

Session 5: Evaluating your progress

Put all your hard work together and build your six month plan.  Learn the tools and tricks you’ll make your plan practical and manageable, to bring great results.

Make yourself heard

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Hogans Cider

I had a very enjoyable social media strategy day with Louise which has translated into useable plans and feeling social media is now under control!

Louise had some great ideas which we have implemented. Thanks for a great session!

Jane Hogan

Onley Grounds

Louise of Armadillo Social has boosted our new business by helping us to create a great social media following. Armadillo Social is a must for anybody who is feeling daunted by the prospect of using any of the platforms. Her sessions are clear and really easy to understand. This coupled with her marketing expertise has given us all the tools and loads of inspiration and we are are now using Twitter and Facebook very effectively. Thank you Louise!

Lizzy Baker

The Rugby Register

I used Armadillo Social recently to help us focus on Social Media a little more. We were using it but had lost our way a little. Louise was great at helping us work out what, when & how we should be using it and she’s a lovely lady too! Thank you

Anne Hartfield