Digital marketing strategy

Louise is a great support in helping us in our social media strategy, for small and medium business or not for profits, a definite must.

Holly Parrott

What are you doing here?

It’s easy to waste hours on social media watching cat videos and reading ‘Kate Middleton’s 12 best coats’, but your digital marketing is a business task and should be taken seriously.

Getting your messaging right is crucial, before you even set foot online. You need to make sure you’re talking to the right people with the right voice and the right content.

It’s hard though, I get it.  Often the hardest thing to do is to unpick what you know from what your customers need to know, and to think clearly about what exactly is going to make people sit up and listen.

Fear not. Whether you’re just starting out, have lost your way or need help to generate new ideas, Your Digital Marketing Strategy will create the best plan since George Clooney went to Vegas.

Louise Dillon conducting Digital Strategy session


Armadillo Social Media Training


  • Half Day in-person strategy session 
  • Written plan
  • One Hour Follow Up Session
  • Access to our online video courses
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • PDF Planner and Workbook
Armadillo Social Media Training


  • Everything in the 6 months content
  • Delivered in 1 day
  • Online or in person
  • 6 months of Monthly 90-minute Zoom sessions for planning or training
  • Whatsapp Support

What next?

Push the Talk To Me button above on your right to book your half day strategy session and get immediate access to materials.

You can come along to my office for your Digital Marketing Strategy in Warwickshire, or I am prepared to travel if you ask nicely.

If you’d like more information, you can email me on, or click below to book a half hour phone call.

What about the content?

After we’ve worked on your strategy, you’re not just abandoned to get on with it.

Whatever you need to put your masterplan into action, it’s yours.

We may have come up with a content plan for you, but you haven’t got time to create the flipping stuff.  In which case, we’ve got the copywriting and content skills you need.

Can you manage the whole thing?

Absolutely.  You may decide that you want a complete overhaul – new website, new photos, new videos, new blog posts,  Luckily I know all the right people and can put a team together for you, brief them and coordinate all the elements. A completely project managed service.