Digital Marketing Strategy

Online marketing can be a tricky business. Working out your own digital marketing strategy and in-house social media management is a major time investment and it’s important to get it right.

Your online marketing has to get results. It has to improve business growth, attract new customers and retain the existing ones.  You need to be in all the right places to talk to the right people.

It pays to ask for help.

Every business is different.  Every business needs varying degrees of help, guidance and support.  This is where the Armadillo Social Digital Marketing Strategy Service comes into its own.

Start Up? New to Digital Marketing?

We’ll work with you to establish your target market and where to find them.  Then, we’ll decide what channels you need, whether social media platforms, email newsletters or content on your website.  After that, we’ll get them looking their best and then formulate a plan for the future that will be easy to implement.  If you like, we can even get the ball rolling for you with our Grow Your Own Service, in which case we’ll manage the accounts for you for a couple of months, then pass them back to you with a plan and some 121 training to keep you on the right path..

Digital Marketing Strategy? What strategy?

You already have your accounts set up and be active online, but need some help with strategy and direction.  Our social media audit will review your current activity and work with you to build a digital marketing plan you can be proud of.  We can then provide you with 121 training or a regular mentoring session to make sure you’re staying on the right lines.

Need a helping hand?

If you need a little more hands on help, our one to one coaching sessions are perfect.  From strategy ideas, to answering your niggles and questions, you have two hours to solve all your problems.  Start the clock.

Can’t find the time for social media?

The strategy is in place but other parts of the business need you more, our ongoing monthly management and support package will do the job for you.

Make yourself heard

Get in touch to get the ball rolling with a free half hour phone consultation.