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Social Media Training allows you to be the voice of your company. The best companies speak from the heart, with every member of the team feeling like they having a stake; it can be the strongest sales tool you have.

Louise has trained over 200 businesses, delivering social media training to Senior Management Teams, SMEs, and departments, from CEOs and business owners to the newest member of the marketing team.

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training for your team

There was a time, when social media management was the responsibility of someone in the marketing department. Now, social media training for your team is a must.

Corporate social media training is a vital part of your team’s development, helping them to grow their professional presence & promote your business online

Social media has changed the way we all interact and now increasingly everyone needs to be the voice of their company.  Moreover, with so many people using social media in their personal life, a little guidance on how to do that responsibly wouldn’t go amiss.  Employees need to be a spokesperson for your business not a liability.

Training can take place on your premises, or an external location.  We’ll design the material to be directly relevant to your business, and provide full follow on support.

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Linkedin training

Social selling has replaced the yellow pages and a phone, and a prospective client will be researching you and your company online.

Cold calling is dead  thankfully.  People have grown tired of pushy sales techniques and wellworn patter. In this world of constant connection and conversation, very few decision makers pick up the phone to total strangers.

The art of social selling is one that every successful team needs to master and LinkedIn is the tool for every sales professional to use.

The age old wisdom that people buy from people is still true, but now social media allows you to build intelligent, researched and well informed connections before you ever pick up the phone or send an email.

Ninety percent of top salespeople use social selling tools, compared with 71 percent of overall sales professionals. (Source: The State Of Sales survey, LinkedIn, 2016)


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Armadillo Social’s Social Media Workshops allows you to take control of your own digital marketing.

These fun and friendly workshops give you all the tools you need to achieve maximum results with the minimum amount of time.  Just half a day spent on one of our courses will give you all the tricks of the trade.  You’ll learn what to say, how to say it and save time into the bargain.

Louise has trained over 200 businesses, delivering digital marketing training to business owners, employees and volunteers.

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Wine Freedom

Armadillo workshops are informative, concise and invaluable if you are trying to get the best from your social media performance. I have recently learned many very useful Facebook tricks. If you’re a Facebook beginner or novice I would highly recommend Louise’s tuition. Thanks Louise!

Sam Olive

The Secret Coach

I am super impressed with Louise’s delivery of training on Linked In. I valued the way that she communicates in a way that makes this social media meaningful and not manipulative. Her strong values are such that she operates with complete integrity. It was indeed worth my time attending her course!

Rosanna Williams Wood

Oojamaflick Films

Louise is smart, funny, techy and completely ahead of the social marketing game. This is the second Armadillo Social School I’ve attended.

She breaks down the jargon; she tells you exactly what you ‘need’ to know.

Emma Spellman

Action Coach

I recently attended Louise’s Linked In workshop. It was a great introduction to Linked In, and contained lots of useful information to help use Linked In more effectively. The delivery was formal enough for effective learning,, but informal enough that everyone in the room was able to enjoy it at their own pace.

I would recommend this workshop if you’re not very confident on Linked In, and want to get good at the basics.

Zoe Russell

Inneo Solutions

Louise’s training on Linked in and Sales Navigator will give you a good overview and insight into all the features and options available for activity, but also a guide to how to get the most out of your time and money invested in Linked In and Sales Nav to deliver the business results you want. Thanks Louise.

Lin Armstrong