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Facebook is not just a social network,  It has grown into a major marketing tool and there is little doubt that you will find a huge number of your customers and clients spending time there.

However, despite your best efforts, a fun and engaging page is not enough anymore.  As each month passes your customers are seeing less and less of your posts.

Why?  Money.

Facebook is a business like any other and they want you to spend your advertising budgets with them.

Facebook advertising is incredibly powerful.  It allows you to target your customers exactly, and talk directly to them, in their timeline.

This workshop will be an interactive look at how you can use Facebook advertising for your business. Bring your laptop or tablet to get on the spot practical tips (don’t worry – you won’t need to spend any money).  Watch this video for a quick taster 

You’ll leave the session knowing

  • How to navigate the complex minefield of Facebook Advert Manager

  • How to work out exactly what your objectives are and how to achieve them

  • How pinpoint your audience exactly so no money is wasted

  • Rules and Tools to help you design the most effective ads

  • How to get the most for your money

  • How to analyse your results so your next ads are even better

Places are limited so book up now to guarantee your spot.  There’ll be plenty of time before and after for networking and making some valuable friends and allies.

And there’ll be biscuits.

Who Should Come?

  • Business owners

  • Social Media Managers

  • Anyone who wants to get the most out of their marketing budget

What others have said …

Louise is smart, funny, techy and completely ahead of the social marketing game. This is the second Armadillo Social School I’ve attended. She breaks down the jargon; she tells you exactly what you ‘need’ to know. I did the course yesterday and within 24 hrs I’ve revamped my website, started blogging and upped my social networking game ten-fold. My likes are going up and up and for the first time all my social network is branded perfectly and they’re all talking to one another (yay). I will always use Louise to update my skill set – no question. Thank you again so much. Emma @Oojamaflick films. 

I’ve attended several courses now and find them very informative, Louise talks in everyday language and explains clearly how to do things. All done in a friendly way, looking forward to the next!