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Online Advertising has a new player in town. Facebook is not just a social network, It has grown into a powerful marketing tool. It allows you to target your customers exactly, and talk directly to them, in their timeline.

If anyone told you that they were launching a website that would log all your friends, places you’ve visited, hobbies, interests and opinions, there’d be outrage.  However, Facebook holds all of this information on your customers, and it is yours to use.

You may have tried to Boost the odd post, but if you’re handing over cash you need to be confident you know what you’re doing.

We’ve managed advertising campaigns from £10 to over £1,000 per month on behalf of our clients.  We’ve increased likes, driven traffic to websites, got video views, increased Event attendance.  We’ve even shown ads to people who’ve already visited your website or signed up to your mailing list.


 We precision target the audience and create a collection of campaigns that get right to the heart of the matter.

 Not only that, we can tell you exactly how many people saw each ad, how many people acted upon it and how many sales that led to.