I couldn’t do the work that I do without knowing some incredibly talented people.  Being an ace at social media is all very well, but you have to have the content to back it up.  I work with designers, developers, film and audio producers, photographers and writers to create brilliant content for a client’s digital strategy.

Over the next few months I’ll be inviting some of the creatives I work with to give their expert advice.  First up Michelle Abrahall.  Not only is she an incredibly talented graphic designer, she also resides in the office next door and regularly gives me biscuits.  Here she explains why having your own illustrations could do wonders for your business.

5 Ways to Use Illustration for Your Business

When it comes to commissioning visuals for business, most people think of graphic design. You get a bespoke logo made, and maybe follow up with business cards or a brochure.

But have you ever thought about how your business could use illustration?

They can be a great way to boost your branding. A lot of big brands have cottoned on to how using illustrations can help them stand out in the marketplace – look at the lovely animated drawings used in the latest TSB adverts. And anyone that uses Mailchimp will be familiar with the cheeky monkey that gives you a rockin’ hand gesture when you schedule a campaign.

Using illustration doesn’t only have to be for the big brands, however. Here are 5 ways you can use illustration in your business, whatever the size.

  1. Infographics

Illustration #1

Lots of businesses use infographics to illustrate key findings from research, as they make even the driest of data much more appealing. They can also be used to show a process in a simple way, like this ‘circular economy’ infographic I created for Valpak.


  1. Maps

Illustration #2

If, like me, your office location is a little tucked away, a cute illustrated map is the perfect solution. It shows a lot more effort than just emailing someone a link to Google! They can also be used to illustrate the area your business covers, or where you’re able to deliver to.


  1. Brand mascots

Illustration #3Small businesses often overlook the potential of a brand mascot. They’re a fantastic way to inject personality and warmth into your brand, like this cute jack Russell terrier I created for an accountancy firm. His name is Merry and he appears on all their Christmas cards, flyers and event signage!



  1. Icons

Illustration #4

Yes, you could use stock imagery of icons for the various sectors and services for your website. But bespoke illustrated icons can be tailored to your branding and stop your website looking too ‘off the shelf’, like these fun images commissioned by P4D couriers.


  1. Storytelling

Illustration #5Comic-strip style illustrations are a very effective method of storytelling and can simplify even complicated processes. Warwick University had some very serious-sounding guidelines around research ethics, such as their anti-plagiarism policy. Adapting them into eye-catching comic-strip style posters made the subject matter much more accessible and engaging.


Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas about how your business could use illustration. It could really help you stand out from the crowd!

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with Michelle or pop in and see us (you’ve got the map).  I’ll make sure she has plenty of biscuits in.