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If you are overwhelmed by social media, Louise will explain it all in a practical, common sense and intelligent way. From Facebook to Twitter, Tik Tok to Instagram – Louise has it covered.

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a) The Marketing department? 

b) The senior leadership team? 

c) The whole team?

The answer of course is all of the above.  LinkedIn is essential activity for everyone in your organisation.  Business owners, leaders, managers and team members need to know how to use LinkedIn in the same way you expect to use the phone or email.

LinkedIn is a powerful way to promote your company, establish your professional authority and build strong relationships.

Here are three reasons why …

1. Your people are your brand

You can have snazzy offices, glossy branding and the slickest of websites, but it all falls down if everyone’s LinkedIn profile is an unprofessional muddle.

2. Get your money’s worth from your marketing

Every last drop of value needs to be squeezed out of your marketing activity. You can create wonderful content, and orchestrate clever campaigns, but every team member needs to be amplifying that message.

3. This is where your customers are

Your clients are using LinkedIn, just as they use networking events.  They’re building relationships and building loyalties.  You need to be there too.  They’ll soon discover if you’re not.

Our half day LinkedIn training session gets everyone up to speed.  

    LinkedIn unleashed, awaken your team's social side

    Download our guide to engaging your team and find out the 6 things you should be encouraging them to do on LinkedIn do develop themselves, and your brand.

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    We can tailor make any course to suit your requirements. Whether you want people to get together in the office, or remotely, our training can be tailored to fit.

    Flexibility is key.  You can learn through lunchtime webinars, 121 Zoom or in person workshops.

    Take a look below to find out more, or book a 30 minute chat now to talk through what you need.


    What’s involved?


    We’ll meet to discuss your marketing strategy and what you want your team to achieve.  You may have your strategy and content plan all worked out, and need your employees onboard.  You may need some support working out what that looks like.  Either way, we can give you the support you need.


    Your training session will be designed especially for your team.  The training will be based on your own content and branding, along with other examples of cracking content.  By time they leave, all your team will know exactly what you need from them, and have the skills to achieve it.

    We’ll cover


    • Creating a Personal Profile that reflects your brand
    • Showcasing your expertise and strengths
    • Attracting Profile views from your target audience

    Engaging with your network

    • Building your network from your real life connections
    • Using Search to seek out new clients and partners
    • Building relationships and making meaningful connections

    Content & Visibility

    • Where your clients are hiding
    • Plan and create engaging content



    There will be follow up clinics a few weeks later to make sure all learning is embedded and everyone is on track.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the training for?

    LinkedIn training is for the whole team, from the most junior to the CEO.

    However training can be tailored towards specific groups such as

    • New starter intake
    • Sales team
    • Senior Leadership Team
    • Those with expert knowledge looking to build their public authority
    Where does the training take place?

    Training can be done over Zoom, Teams or in person.  Hybrid is also an option if you have the technology.

    I’m based in Warwickshire but am more than happy to travel across the country for the right client.

    Travel costs are included in any quote.

    How long does a session last?

    This is entirely up to you, and your needs.

    Online sessions can be quick lunch and learn sessions or something more in-depth.  I don’t recommend more than 2 hours for an online session, so sometimes we have 2 x 2 hour sessions.

    In person sessions are best done as a half day session, allowing plenty of time for playing and questions.

    How many people in a session?

    That really depends on you.  My ideal number is around 8 as that’s enough to get a good discussion going and for everyone to get individual attention and practical activities.

    Do you do 1-2-1 sessions

    Of course.  These can either be booked online or as ad add-on to an in-person session.

    These are particularly good for CEOs and Senior Leaders who may have unqiue requirements or concerns.

    What about the photos?

    There’s no use having professional LinkedIn content if your headshot looks like a fuzzy holiday snap.

    Everyone in your organisation should have a professional headshot that’s in line with your brand.

    Alongside the training, either the same day or to suit you, we can arrange a professional photo shot to make sure everyone is on brand and looking their best.

    We work with a selection of photographers, all with distinct styles so we’ll make sure they reflect your style and voice.

    No need for boring white backgrounds either.  Indoors, outdoors, formal, casual, whatever works best.


    Push the Book Now button to fix a time to discuss what you need and get the ball rolling.


    If you’d like more information, you can email me on, or call 07801 816793

    1-2-1 Clinic

    Video Course

    Other training

    Louise perfectly captured our business scale and presented real world examples of how we can improve our impact, messaging and values as a business.

    I would highly recommend Armadillo Social to take you beyond being a simple self taught user.
    There are so many things existing we simply were not aware of.
    Overall, a really empowering session and we look forward to working together more in the future.

    Tony Gill

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    Louise’s training on Linked in and Sales Navigator will give you a good overview and insight into all the features and options available for activity, but also a guide to how to get the most out of your time and money invested in Linked In and Sales Nav to deliver the business results you want. Thanks Louise.

    Lin Armstrong

    Inneo Solutions