OK, I’ll admit, there is not even the scent of Roses in the air, and I haven’t even put a jumper on yet, but many people have already begun their Christmas campaigns.

Retailers have been on this for weeks already, but you may not have planned your social media campaign yet.  However, you really need to get your skates on.  Before you know it, the John Lewis ad will air, and the season will begin in earnest.

Whatever your business, it’s not enough to Instagram a quick photo of a mince pie and hope for the best.  Even if your business doesn’t directly profit from the Christmas season, the general feelings of cheer, goodwill and bonhomie (forget the humbug) can give a warm glow to your business relationships.

So, don’t leave it until the last minute, you need a plan.

Ideally your Christmas campaign should tick a couple of boxes

  • Make people think generously about you
  • Encourage people to talk to you
  • Drive sales either in the short or long term

Depending on your business, you can thought-provoking, funny, endearing or any combination.  A thought-out approach is the key.

The festive season lends itself really well to timed campaigns: Christmas countdowns, shopping days, advent calendars, the Twelve Days of Christmas, are all things you can take inspiration from.

Now, like all good children, it’s time to sit and write your Christmas list detailing everything you would like.

Here are a couple of things you should be thinking of.

  1. Seasonal branding

On a very basic level, this means slapping a Santa hat on anything that moves (or doesn’t), but we can be a little more imaginative than that.  A seasonal theme to your logo or brand templates gives a cohesive look to any social media campaign.  These can be carried across Facebook Headers, social media posts, printed materials and even Christmas cards.

If you can, think of ways to tie in the festive season with your actual business, rather than just some random Christmassy graphics.  This campaign from Penguin last year was sleek and stylish, totally on brand and relatively inexpensive.  They carried the theme throughout all of their social media too.

penguin christmas campaign

Sites like Canva have some great templates to use or look for a graphic designer to create you something really special.

Changing your logo to be slightly festive has the added advantage of rolling out across all of your posts.

  1. Christmas movies

Remaking Elf in the office might be a bit of a stretch, but video content is a great way to add Christmas cheer.  Video messages make a fun alternative to company Christmas cards (and better for the environment too) and short, snappy videos are perfect for your social media feeds.  There are so many clever tools and apps available these days, they’re not too hard to magic up either.  Let your imagination run wild.

  1. Lend a helping hand

Make your content as useful as possible to people over the Christmas period.  Everyone is busy, in a rush and quite frankly need all the help they can get.  Hints and Tips, gift guides, how to guides all come into their own.  People will thank you for them.

  1. Encourage User Generated Content

A clever hashtag in the right place can be all you need to get people talking about your brand at Christmas time.  But there’s lots of things you can be doing offline to promote this too.  Think of Starbucks and their festive cups.  Encourage people to check in or take a photo to share.  If you’re in the Christmas gift market, make sure your tags and packaging encourage people to share their gift on social on Christmas morning. Ensure that your social media handles and campaign hashtags are clear for them to see.

  1. Do your bit for charity

Nearly all charities will have a Christmas campaign, so get involved.  That could be simply sharing their posts, volunteering or donating.  Either way, help them spread the word on your social media feeds. If you already have strong ties with an organisation, it might be worth getting in touch with them now to see if there are any joint initiatives you can do, or events you can organise.

So, don’t wait until Michael Buble is back on the radio, get your plans together now.

If you’d like more of these ideas, or more advice on putting together a campaign, then get in touch.

You can book a One-to-One Half Day Digital Strategy Session between now and Christmas.

I’ll spend some time looking at your business, and the competition. Then we’ll sit down for the morning and look at some ideas and content plans.  You’ll leave with a To Do list and a written To Do list and fully mapped out strategy for the big day.

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