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Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is your story, and no-one can tell it better than you.

That’s easier said than done, and sometimes we need a helping hand to get our voice heard.

Armadillo Social can help you build a strategy that will work, and provide you with the tools to carry it out. Whether that’s clarifying your message, your audience, or working on a content plan, we can set you on the right path.


Social Media is the new kid on the block, for years dominated by teens and technophiles. Now it is used by 95% of the population and has become a mainstream marketing and communication tool. What’s more, most employees use some form of social media, often blurring the lines between private and professional.

Many companies don’t want to employ a social media or PR agency, who don’t know the clients or the product half as well as the people on the ground. They want to manage their social media in-house, but need the skills and knowledge to make a real difference.

At Armadillo Social, we believe that everybody can be the voice of their business, given the right solutions. Social Media Training provides you or your team with the tools you need to get it right.

Whatever the size of your business, our interactive and engaging training sessions will inspire you in all aspects of digital marketing and social media.

Get in touch today to discuss a programme to suit your needs.


Knowing the importance of social media for your business is not the same as having the time, or the expertise to do it yourself.
The Armadillo Social Media Management Package takes the wheel for you, allowing you to relax and concentrate on other parts of your business.

We don’t just post updates about the weather either. We take time to get to know your business, your voice and style and make sure that your marketing messages are authentic and are speaking to the right people. We will seek out relevant groups of followers and prospective customers, as well as talk to your existing suppliers and clients.

We will work with you to establish your business development and marketing goals, and work on a strategy to achieve them. We will then report regularly, both feeding back information.


The purpose of Digital Marketing is not only to promote your business, but also to build relationships and showcase your expertise. Outsourcing this completely to an outside agency won’t always bring the best results. However, when you are busy running your business it can seem like a daunting and unappealing task.

The Grow Your Own package was designed for this type of business. This three month services gets your social media up and running , and devises a framework for the future. We build your audience of the right people, create appealing evergreen and topical content, and a strategy that’s easy to carry forward. Alongside the managed service, we also provide mentoring and training to give you the knowledge and skills to use social media to its best effect.