Our Vision and Values

Armadillo Social gives organisations the tool to persuade and inspire.

We believe that social media can change the world.  Used effectively, it can take take your message and make it heard across the globe, changing mindsets, inspiring change and bringing people together in ways previously unthought of.

We believe that digital marketing is not a goal in itself, but a tool to be authentic, to influence and transform.  We would love to say we live and breath social media, but we don’t. We live and breathe the same things as everyone else, family, hobbies, politics, books, TV, The Archers.  We just happen to also be really good at digital marketing.

Armadillo Social was born out of a desire to do engaging and intelligent work, but in a way that fitted around family life.  The days of 9 to 5 commute to work were no longer appropriate. Luckily, social media doesn’t work like that either. As Armadillo Social grew, we decided to build a team of talented, inspirational people who were looking for an opportunity to do something meaningful without compromising the things most important to them.

Armadillo Social team members are passionate and committed professionals who bring a wealth of life experience, intuition and wisdom; they know what makes people tick. We strive to be authentic, thoughtful and thought provoking.

All of our team work flexibly, to suit their needs and the needs of our clients.  Need someone to cover social media in the evenings for you?  No problem.

Armadillo Social clients, whether large or small organisations, bring their own passion, vision and drive that we can amplify. They will have a purpose that needs to be shouted about.

Why the Armadillo?

Since I established the company, the question I’ve been asked most often is ‘What’s with the armadillo?’

Like all good things in life, my reasons are threefold:

– It contains 5 of the 6 letters in my name

– His little fellow in the photograph was given to me by my Mum on my 16th birthday. He has sat on a shelf in every home I’ve ever had and watched me well.

– If you’ve ever read “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving, you will know just how important armadillos can be. I love John Irving in all his forms, but this story affected my world more than any other. It has nothing to do with marketing, but everything to do with life.

It did occur to me that a small, introvert animal that lives alone in the desert & retreats into its hard bony shell is not the best metaphor for a vibrant and dynamic communications company. However, I am often guilty of overthinking things so decided to let it go.

But there are days when I sit quietly writing away, alone in my office, confident that I still have the world to talk to at the tip of my fingers, when I think it’s probably not such a bad symbol after all.


Louise Dillon – Managing Director

Louise spent the first 15 years of her career watching TV – acquiring and commissioning television programmes and grappling with how to really give audiences what they are looking for. Her speciality is serial killers and Nazis.

Soon the homelands were calling and she returned to the Midlands with a family in tow and full of tales to tell. Searching for a new purpose in life, she quickly realised that it was far more fun to read what people were saying on Twitter about the TV, than the actual programme – and Armadillo Social was born.

Since then, she has taken her eye for cracking content and passion for a good story, and taken it to the masses. She’s built Facebook pages from nothing to over 40,000 Likes in a matter of months, and worked with Television Companies, Publishers, Charities, Social Enterprises as well as accounts dealing in leadership, divorce, death and how to make great Christmas cards.

She has worked with Coventry University, the Chamber of Commerce and Rural Growth Network to deliver training programmes to start up and fledgling businesses to set their social media flying.

Aside from looking at Twitter for a living, she’s also a keen writer, a mediocre runner, a lover of biscuits (see running) and can usually be found shouting at the radio.

Sam Caldecott

Sam holds everything together.  Her organisation skills are beyond parallel, as is her meticulous attention to detail and laserlike precision.  A woman of many talents, she is also the creative force behind Oh Oh Sew, making beautiful made to measure clothing inspired by the 40s & 50s.

Sarah Crowther

Social Media Manager Sarah, is our resident health and lifestyle expert, as well as being well versed in the charity sector.  She juggles multiple Twitter accounts without breaking into a sweat.  Instead, she reserves her energy for running, cycling and all sorts of other far more athletic pursuits.

Jessica Harvey

Jessica is our resident creative genius, bringing your brand values and our campaign ideas to life.  She’s a first class graphic designer who combines a flair for colours and design with an extraordinary ability to spin many plates at once.